App freezes when changing sun mode

Device brand and model: Redmi Note 7 Pro

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Ratio version:3.2.3:26

Problems encountered when using ratio: App freezes when changing sun mode.


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I am taking it as you’re using Ratio Pro which you’ve installed via BllocDesk. So I would suggest you to try re-installing Ratio using BllocDesk once again, because if you just followed the instructions showed in BllocDesk then then Ratio hasn’t got all the permissions because of Xiaomi’s MIUI.
While turning on usb debugging, if you look below there’s an option namely “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”. Turn on this option too. Then proceed with the installation using BllocDesk.
This will give all necessary permissions to Ratio.
And in case this doesn’t work then this is a bug in Ratio and I would suggest you to create a new topic in Ratio>Bugs stating this issue.

Sir I’m not using miui I’m using Aosp custom ROM and I made sure all the permissions are granted. Still I’ll try to reinstall it. Thanks

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Ok I see, then it might be some compatibility issue with the Custom ROM.

It might be… But it’s a pure aosp like rom with no customisations, I tried ratio in my other device with a fully customised rom and it worked flawlessly. May be I should try reinstalling.

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