App Box drawer annoying me

Though I have one it created again when new app is installed

Whenever you install a new app it creates a App Box folder even if you have created a folder with a similar name. Only solution right now is to rename the already existing folder and move the new app to that folder.
You can delete the newly created ‘App Box’ drawer once you have moved the new app.

I din name it App Box it’s the same but I just put it over the top. So again it created the one at the bottom.

Is there any app tile inside the App Box(Bottom One)?

Yep! When I downloaded an app it created app Box so I moved it top and installed one more app. I was expecting it to be in the top one as it’s the same app Box but new app Box is created

That’s what happens when you install a new app. It always creates the App Box if the folder is present in the top of the list. Just move the App Box which is in the top of the list to any position. New app download won’t create a new ‘App Box’ folder and it will be saved in the existing one.

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Yep I was doing the same post then. But, din expect this way.

It Is To Store New Apps.

Yes. When new apps installed it be there. If you rename it then new apps will come into that drawer which renamed from App Box.