Anybody get ratio for Samsung a51?

I’m fill form on blloc ratio site on 2 months back, still as on now invitation not get… feeling bad.

If I’m not completely mistaken, you should’ve gotten the invitation mail together with the one that you used to access this forum. So I’m kind of confused. Did you check spam and all other places where the invitation mail could’ve went? If so, I’d suggest you write to the Blloc support:

@snv3013 Check if your device is in the supported devices list here™-roadmap

If not you can apply for a device that is in the supported devices and has a screen size similar to your phone . Note : This is the unofficial way and you might encounter some bugs but you can always report them and help the Devs bring support to your device !

Also add your device to this list here so that the Devs may add support to your device in future builds - 30

The device is supported