Any chance of adding Tree feature in Ratio

I love this new modern idea of this Ratio and Zero18. am using the features…all are awesome and any chance of adding the Tree feature and zero18 app drawer in all supported android phones on upcoming update?


That would be awesome.

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It’s coming :slight_smile: not in the next update, but soonish haha

Welcome to the community btw!


Awesome. This might be the biggest update and the most difficult. The amount of permissions need for this is huge.

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Indeed. It is coming though!! :smiley:


this whole design is really fantastic so am eagerly waiting to have this on my device to feel… expecting :v:t3:

i can understand the difficulties but if it’s possible to done the all it will be a revolution… anyway i wish for it to have both zero18 and ratio on my phone…love blloc :blush:

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When tree is released, I hope that you guys can also put time to explain the privacy measures and details about how the notifications are merged together etc. i love the concept but with growing awareness of the need for digital privacy, it’ll be awesome if you guys explain in blog or wiki on how the tree will be donee :pray:t3:

Cc @olivier @Ismael @adham


That’s very important thing to notice.
Thanks for letting the community to know