Animation Speed

Since yesterday, when I Installed Ratio, an automatic adjustment to Animation speed from Developer settings is done.

Animation speed goes from Normal 1x to high speed .5x which is weird.

Even though I manually change it, ratio still defaults it too. 5x after some time.

Can this be stopped from happening over and over again?

This is the permission you gave when installing the app to the phone. Animation from 1x to x.5 is necessary for the launcher to work smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but for now it is what it is. Thanks for understanding!

Atleast user should have a toggle option, since Oneplus’s animations are already fast and doubling them looks annoyingly fast.



Thanks for letting the community know :slight_smile:

Good suggestion!

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My viewpoint exactly. Even I was looking to do the same, but ratio changes it as soon as you leave the settings app. Annoying for me too as it doubles the animations and it really does get annoying :frowning:

I hope the team can atleast come up with a solution to be able to make the changes manually if not for eveyone :frowning_face:

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If you update to version 3.1.7, there should be an option in the Ratio Settings App that allows you to use the default animation speed. You will find it under Tiles > Faster animations (system wide). If you disable it, you should have 1x animation speed and keeping it on will keep your animation speed at 0.5x

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