Android work profile apps not visible

Wanted to understand if there is support for Work profile apps (AfE) .


Not at the moment. This is a new request and devs will probably work on it in the future!

Managed to do a work around … not sure if it helps in your use case. (While the dev team works on the request :slight_smile: )

I just locked my work apps to the Android background… And just switch between the open apps from Ratio.

That’s a clever idea! Thanks for sharing. Hope the devs can incorporate soon.

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Thanks for the work around @saaqib_akbar. How will you launch the work profile app first time when Ratio is set as default since you are not able to see the work profile apps?

Or you mean using different launcher, use the work profile app first and then switch to Ratio?

  1. Open all the work profile apps using a different launcher
  2. Lock them in the recent menu.
  3. Switch to ratio launcher.

You can access the apps in the recent menu every time because it is locked.


My workaround is to click on a different launcher app and choose the work app there.