Android System Webview Chaos

Why oh why oh why do the Android System Web view App updates wreek such havoc with Ratio.
Every time I get an update Ratio restarts sometimes multiple times then I have to restart it manually to correct the Root widgets display.
As if that wasn’t bad enough I then have to go and reconfigure all my Whicons icon themed Tiles because their all wrong, WTF’s going on, who’s to blame, is it just me or are others experiencing issues.

Just found this on the issue for anyone interested.

Problem Solved.

I can’t delete this app, idk why but it is not updating as well. Pending for almost 15 minutes now.
Neither it is updating nor uninstalled.
Any fix ?
Its preventing Google drive to work on my phone even it is latest version. Keeps crashing !

Go into system settings apps and force stop the app, clear data then disable, reboot device then go to Play store and update.

Thanks it’s fixed now