Android settings within Ratio? Or shortcuts

First post here though I am a longtime Zero18 user, recently switched to a new phone and Ratio.

On spending time with Ratio this last week my one gripe is that there is no relationship between Ratio and the Android system, in terms of access- or shortcuts essentially.
For example Square Home launcher, which is basically an emulation of the Windows Phone interface for Android, had the ability to have Tiles that, for example, turned your hotspot on/off and much more besides.

With Ratio (unless I’m missing something… which is possible) I am forever going ‘outside’ of Ratio to do stuff, which weakens the concept of Ratio in my opinion.

Just a thought.

(my other feedback is the discrepancy between WhatsApp and Telegram in the Conversations pane. telegram shows conversations when you add it, WA does not…I think this is discussed a lot elsewhere though)

Hey there, welcome to the community I guess (at least it says this is your first post here, although you owned a Zero 18 so maybe you’ve been here before?) :hugs:

About the thing with Telegram and WhatsApp. Telegram is offering their API to developers so it’s basically integrated into Ratio (in theory you can even use it without installing the App on your smartphone, which I didn’t know for quite some time!). The integration of WhatsApp and other messengers however relies on reading the notifications you are getting (that all happens on your smartphone and doesn’t leave it, just to avoid misunderstandings, cause “reading” somehow sounds like your data is being watched by someone else). So a chat is only created within Ratio upon receiving the first notification from the chat. Earlier Ratio kind of circumvented that problem by using accessibility services. That way the Tree (or as it’s called nowadays, “Conversations”) could display messages written and send in the WhatsApp app. But that caused lots of problems, mainly with battery consumption I think, and has been discontinued. A full featured integration like Telegram has is only manageable if the messenger decides to share it’s API with developers, I’m afraid.

Would you mind to elaborate a bit on what kind of relationship you’d like to see between Ratio and the Android system? To me it sounded like you’d like a tile for wifi or Bluetooth on your homescreen (where currently only apps are displayed), or am I wrong? Or did you mean the ability to turn Bluetooth ect. on and off from the Root? I’m a bit confused though, because you could just turn those on and off in the normal android quick settings, right?

Oh, and if you are talking about the app shortcuts android is providing (“Create an event” by Google Calendar for example), then I’m rather sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the coming updates (I’m not sure what the current public version is and how much I’m allowed to tease, so I’m being rather vague for now). :see_no_evil:

Hi Nostalgia
Thanks for this. It is indeed my first post.

Understood about WhatsApp. I guess it’s fine once messages from WA come in.

Regarding Android. Well I want a tile that turns Hotspot on/off or Location on/off. Basically settings shortcuts.
For example on Square Home on my Z18 I had the following as well as the above I had: Battery percentage and Voicemail. One long push on the voicemail Tile got me to my voicemail. That’s because Square Home had a function to add shortcut tiles to the home screen.
Yes some of these are available in Android settings but it’s outside the ecosphere. On my Z18 I rarely went to Android Settings.

Of course this is another “why doesn’t it do this??” thread. :slight_smile: Ratio is not Square Home and that’s fine of course. I am liking Ratio a lot.