Android 10 Gestures Doesn’t Work in Ratio

My device: Asus Max Pro M2

Android 10 Gestures Not Working In Ratio For Me. it Show an Error Msg Like in Screen Short.

And Some Issue I’m Facing

  1. In The Root Tiles Can’t Edit The Pins. I Meant Move Or Delete.
  2. While Swapping Apps Struk Some Times.

But Overall Experience Was Good Using Ratio.

Okay, I hope I’m not being too harsh. First of all, welcome to the community! Always great so see a new face. :blush:

Still, I gotta criticize some things:

  1. This is not the right forum. If you read the “must read post”, you wouldn’t have posted here.
  2. If you searched for the topic, you’d already know what’s going on and that the gestures are nothing Ratio can do anything about. (
  3. Moving tiles in root is not even a feature yet, deleting tiles there can be done by swiping the tile from the left in root.

I hope you can understand where I’m coming from, but the forum gets really cluttered from redundancy and posts in wrong subforums lately…

Edit: I’ll move your post to #ratio as it’s not really about something we can call bug and not a device support request either…

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