An icon for quick settings

Considering that pulling down the drawer opens and closes the tiles, I think there needs to be an icon at the bottom of the drawer in order to open and close the notifications panel and quick settings of the phone.
It could help users to operate with one hand.


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That sounds like a great idea! You may want to consider adding it over at the official Wishlist thread:

In the meantime, I believe there are some manufacturers out there (I can’t explain to you in full depth due to the wide range there is) that has some feature to make it easier for you to bring down the notification shade. My phone, for instance, has a feature where I could use my fingerprint scanner to bring down the notification shade with a swipe.

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Thanks for your reply.
Of course, my phone also has such a feature, for example, one can set the home button to open notification shade, but currently, I’m only using navigation gestures, so the home button is hidden.

Technically it’s possible to do something similar to nova launcher where when you are on the home screen and press the home button (or use the gesture for home button) it brings up the recent apps. In the case of ratio it can open the notification shade.