Ambassador program

Dear Blloc team,

I’ve been following your growth as a company and as a think tank since the start and I’ve always loved the concept that you began with. As I, a student, always looked for that in a smartphone, so I was wondering if you could initiate something for students across the world? I’ve been a part of the Blloc community since march or so and have tried my level best to contribute at ever stage with suggestions and trials and by sharing on my social media for this beautiful launcher that we have created and I could not be more proud of what it has become now. So as a 21 year old engineering student from Kerala, India I was thinking that this may just be the next big step for you people, to create a Student Ambassador Program, to get input from aspiring software engineers and other students like me, who would love to work with top notch start ups like you. I would love to see what the moderators feel about this too.

With nothing but admiration and love for your work Blloc team

  • DragonSlayer