Additional Invitation Code

I received my Invitation Code on 7th June & immediately installed on a BlackBerry Motion, because I thought it would look and work best there. It does! Thank you.

BUT, I have other devices and would like now to install on a Samsung Note 9, in advance of a Note20 later in the year,

Have found that my original Invitation Code is no longer valid / only works for 1 install, can I get a new one please?

Installing via BllocDesk on a MacBookPro.


Very simple. Install ratio using first code you got. Then go to and reset your code and get new one and use that in new devices

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Thanks, but will that invalidate the first install?

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No. It doesn’t

Great, thanks - that’s not what the BllocServices instructions say, but I’ll probably give it a go!

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Reset will invalidate the old one.

@hojomo don’t reset. Instead, use the invite option and give another mail ID. It will give you a second invite.

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Many thanks, I’ll do that. Fortunately, the install process from BllocDesk was inhibited so I was unable to pursue anyway. :+1:

I tried it. After resetting also it works for me with old code. My guess it will stop working when you uninstall and install again with old code. But I am not sure. It works for me I guess. I tried one time.

Let’s wait for backup update to come. So I can try and let you know. If I do that all my settings will be lost. That’s why will do after ratio backup update released