Addictive experience

I have been using ratio for the past two or three months. Since I installed it on my note 10+ I have never used the Samsung launcher. Then I switched to pixel 3 xl and now pixel 4 xl. I went back to Google launcher for three days. Then went back to ratio. To be honest ratioit’s an addictive launcher and once you start using it you can’t use anything else. I can’t wait for the tree… That will guarantee ratio for good.


I can tell a similar story. I’ve been switching back and forth between the different minimalist launchers that are available on the Play Store but I could never settle with one. It became quite irritating to be honest as I really wanted to just stay with a launcher and didn’t want to invest any more time.

The user interface and design of Ratio made me fall in love at first sight very early on this year. Must’ve been around the time when it became available. I applied with my Fairphone 3 but didn’t get an invitation of course. There are simply not enough people with this phone I guess. Then I waited for some months hoping I’d get an invitation some day, still changing back and forth between other launchers. Because the Fairphone 3 just uses vanilla Android and will continue to do so, I decided to apply with saying I’m using a Pixel 4.

I got the invitation, installed ratio and since then I’ve been staying with it. I’m not experiencing bugs that no one else is and in some cases it seems like my Fairphone is even more resilient to them than the supported phones. I’ve never had significant problems with Ratio, no black screens or high battery consumptions for example.

I just hope that I can someday convince them to add the Fairphone 3 to the supported phones although I am maybe the only active user with the phone. I’ve seen two other people around here and one even posted a thread in “unsupported phones” but I’ve never seen them again. Maybe more will come if the Fairphone was supported. :smiley:

I’m of course also looking forward to the tree but I must confess that the Blloc Keyboard somehow excites me to a similar degree. :slight_smile:


Are they going to add the ratio keyboard?

At least it’s in their product vision on the roadmap so I’m positive. I guess it will take a while but I’d really like the minimalistic keyboard from the Zero 18. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I mean:


Same here :heart: