Add support to Mid-Range Devices

Hey Team Blloc!

I don’t exactly know what your company strategy is when it comes to providing support to new devices. I’m just thinking out loud here. The idea for this topic came to me when I saw your Trello board and the Phone whishlist had Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra and Pixel 4a in it. Shouldn’t the strategy be to reach to more people? If the strategy is to keep this a private or closed community then you guys are doing great! But if its not then you guys should be looking for more beta testers initially. This can be done by add support to more mid-range phones such as Redmi K20, Samsung Galaxy A series, Realme X series, etc. Adding Pixel 3a was a great decision also the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Now my issue with the Pixel 4a is that shouldn’t you guys work on devices that already exist? No doubt the Pixel 4a will be an amazing device but there is no point in adding it to the wishlist at the moment. Also the Samsung Galaxy lite series would be great.

This was not a rant just letting you guys know what my thoughts are as a user. Love what you guys are doing!

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-Pranay (OnePlus 7 not pro)


We have a subform for ‘Unsupported devices’ file a request there for desired device with necessary formats and the devs will work on it.

Thats really great. But my point is have a significant number of people requested for support on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra a $1099 costing phone?

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Devs can’t support any device out of the blooms without having or testing it. Only if there are people who filed necessary formats, they’ll know how it works.

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*out of the blue

I think you are not getting my point. I’m saying if they want to make this launches a universal one they first need to provide support to devices that are widely used. According to my knowledge there would be more users of mid-range devices than premium smartphones. This will get them more beta testers which will in return help them to roll out more stable builds. This will help them to achieve a universal launcher so then they don’t need to provide support to specific devices.

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Support for more devices is coming for sure.

Your point of support a device then bring in Beta testers won’t work. No device can be listed as officially supported unless devs have few inputs and that is what they’re doing with 'unsupported devices" section.

Support is coming, stay tuned.

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I know supporting a device first then bring in beta testers won’t work. I’m saying shouldn’t the devs focus more on devices like Redmi K20 rather than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

BTW the team is doing a great job, I was just putting my thoughts out there. They obviously know what they are doing.

BTW @BobbyV8 are you a part of the Blloc team?

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We are all part of Blloc Community.

No! I’m not staff