Add Folders to Blloc

Hi All,

I just had this idea for a long time and got to discuss it with the team on a meeting today, I made a small demo on my phone.

What do you think about this idea?
I think folders will look really cool with the Blloc UI.

Adding them will be an option in the Blloc menu in the search bar Along with sun mode , add category and others.

They will be at the bottom accessible to the thumb so that we do not need to expand the categories time and again.

When they open , they open in the same UI as we seach using Blloc Search , black background, with tiles .

Attaching an image, let me know what you think.

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This is nice to see. But honestly we have drawers for this purpose, so I don’t think having folders additionally is a good idea.

For ratio is different from other launchers and this folders would make it look like any other launcher with different skin on the home page.

While this is a nice suggestion, I think this deviates from the basic idea.

Hmm, I was sceptical initially too about how this would affect the usage as the primary focus of this launcher is to avoid users from getting distracted.

Then after some testing, I came to this conclusion.

Case 1: I’m using only drawers, I can’t reach them individually as they are way up for what I exactly need and when I do expand them, I see so many other apps which could potentially distract me .

Case 2: I have a short list of productive apps in a folder, right near my thumb, and will Always access that instead of expanding and watch all my 200 apps (15 per drawer, let’s assume) and get distracted by my less frequently used ones.

I’ll definitely not be bummed if it gets rejected but I think for my case, I’ll be more productive in case 2

As I said earlier, it’s definitely a nice idea no doubt. Here’s what I do though.

I have 3 drawers open
Essentials (the bare minimum that we have in a dumb phone)
Favs (favourites - WA, Tele, Discord, Slack, Mail, banking)
Most used (little less priority but productive)

Other Apps (rest all - approx 250+) will be closed always
If I need anything other than from these 3, I just use the handy search bar.

EOD it’s all user preferences tho! Let’s see what others feel about this.

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