Activation Key Invalid

Hello all,

I received my beta invite yesterday. I sat down at my computer to install Ratio and my invitation code (that I have never used) is coming up as invalid or in use by another phone.

I don’t know what unique value (IMEI?) Blloc is using to link itself to a device, but my only guess is that I was on a different ROM whenever I submitted my beta access request.

I suppose it’s possible I was using a different phone at the time, but I’ve used this OnePlus 7 Pro exclusively for roughly 5 months and I am pretty sure I didn’t apply for the beta further back than that.

In whichever case, I would still very much like to test out this unique launcher. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


I did just discover a post from earlier today with the same issue. That was quite a few hours ago though - I would imagine any issues with codes would have been rectified. My apologies for making a duplicate post if there is still an issue you’re working through.

was it resolved for you ?

Just checked. Unfortunately not.

GvP2zrsnHo try this one.