According to sign-up, the 7T Pro is supported... According to the BllocDesk app, it isnt?

So, I don’t know what’s going on. I received my invitation today, and tried installing Ratio, however for some weird reason, the desktop app reports that my 7T Pro is not compatible. Is this normal?

BllocDesk is v0.7.5

I wish they would support all the Oneplus devices

I have OnePlus7T Pro and it is working fine… Try force quitting BllocDesk and relaunch? Is it possible that you have a… T-Mobile version or something different? Just taking a wild guess… Mine is an unlocked version.

@vivek95321 maybe it’s related to the version of OP? Here is another thread about your issue.

Nope, no special version, unlocked EU model. Though I do have a custom ROM installed at the moment, but I do not see how that should impact a launcher.

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