Ability to change system wallpaper

Would be great if you can add the functionality to change the system wallpaper and provide some custom wallpapers for the same with an idea of simplicity in mind

Ratio is shipping with some wallpapers, you should be able to find them in your files

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Ratio already has 10 wallpapers. You can find them under Pictures/Ratio Wallpapers.

If you’re thinking about getting wallpapers in the home screen, then I’d say NO. Ratio isn’t about that, idea of being minimalistic and less cluttered doesn’t work if we’re going the same way as other launchers.


You can change opacity of drawer in settings though

Yes we can, but where’s the scope that you can enjoy wallpapers with app tiles filling the screen?
Yes we can minimise drawers even then at ‘opacity level 0’ and all drawers collapsed the view isn’t something where we can enjoy the wallpaper.

Also, brightness levels should be high to see wallpaper which I feel isn’t suggestible as it gives strain to eyes. Well it’s all about personal preferences though.

Yes, but remember ratio is tend to make you spend less time on your phone, not admire the device ,but again it’s about personal preference

Exactly, so we’re not going to keep staring at wallpaper… making wallpapers of less preference. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:joy: right, also how about custom pill notification color, so that we could know which app has notification, without opening the drawer , like highlight yellow for important stuff and white or grey for less important apps?

Just as I bring up my new suggestion… here

250 apps!
I’m writing because 20 word limit, but 250 apps!!!

It’s hard to explain, but I have them at disposal as I’m into multiple things.

I kind of get my hands dirty with photography, reviews, Alpha testing, gaming. Also have multiple needs with regards to profession. Have to keep myself updated with current affairs so multiple news apps to understand different views.

It’s not like I keep using everything all the time. When I need something (which I will frequently) I need it to be there.

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Well explains enough, so we do need this feature

We’ll need it not because someone like me junks the phone with 300 apps but also to get handy with as low as 100 apps (which I’ve seen many users)

The goal here is to have lesser apps and even in that, easier to find. I think Ratio will most likely focus on tools rather than app consumption. Like the Light Phone.

Hi All, I see that there are 10 wallpapers in a collection that seems to have been downloaded recently. Now, I would like to know how to set a wallpaper via Ratio Settings as I dont find an entry for it.Is it that we have to use the “Set as wallpaper” option via Gallery or is there any other way to do this? The reason I ask is because I see now there is a default wallpaper with the word “Ratio” written in the middle. If I want to get back to this wallpaper, I dont see it as part of the 10 wallpapers. Thanks in advance.

There’s no option in Ratio settings as of now.

Even if we set wallpapers the background opacity is so low we can barely see the wallpaper

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They are very nice.

As other have already explained, Ratio comes with a set of custom wallpapers. If you dont see them in the Ratio Wallpapers folder in your Gallery, you should go to Ratio Settings > General > Ratio Wallpapers, where you will be able to download them.

You can thank our designer @singyulam for them :smile: