A lot of stuff (here and there)

  • How to disable vibration or adjust intensity? (Like how many ms)

  • Google Chat, Google Classroom and Discord installed on Work Profile does not respond when clicked. This is somewhat of a deal breaker since I’m using them daily.
    (I’m not sure but the only thing common with this 3 apps is that, they don’t have their personal profile counterparts. TO ELABORATE: I have 10 work profile apps, and 3 of those are Google Chat, Discord, and Classroom. They aren’t installed on my personal profile but the 7 remaining have their counterparts installed, so that may be a factor. I guess?)

  • YouTube Music media player like Spotify? ( YT Music isn’t the best but I have Premium sooo)

  • Custom icon packs? I have black ang white icon packs and I want to use them. Or have the option to use colored icon packs BUT turn them black and white?

  • How to hide icon labels? I find them annoying personally.

  • (SUGGESTION: A translator card! )

I’m sorry if some questions are already answered before and I would appreciate it if you would guide me to it.

So far, I’m really loving the app! Thanks devs!


Hi @dei-san, welcome!

Thanks for your input! I think it’s really helpful.

There isn’t such a feature yet to do so, unfortunately! Giving your suggestions in the wishlist thread can help bring across your point to Blloc.

Sorry to hear that! It seems that apps in the Work Profile are still somewhat buggy for now - a few other users have also reported not being able to open their WP apps. Your discovery is an interesting one, though - it could be a hypothesis to what’s going on! Regardless, unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are other critical issues that require more attention to fix (i.e., that black screen issue many are facing!).

As for the last four points, I think they’re great suggestions! I’d like to point you to the wishlist thread for your suggestions; when posted here, your suggestions are more likely to be noticed by Blloc in development; also, it helps to keep the forums neat!

Thank you for your meaningful input, and I hope you’ll enjoy using Ratio!



Hello! So I tested it out, and I can kinda confirm it in my case. I installed Discord, Classroom and Chat on my Personal Profile and now the WP counterparts are working for me :laughing:.

Hope this helped!