A long list of things that need to be added

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There are alot of little features that if added would give users the ability to make simple personalised changes to a few visual aspect of ratio’s interface. I know these things will most likely be put on the long list of features that aren’t a priority, but having access to basic customisation in a few more areas doesn’t necessarily clutter or devalue the minamalist nature of ratio. Quite the contrary, as having this access to more simple theme customisation may deeply affect a user’s experience. There are too many unchangeable visual components within ratio that should be customisable. An enjoyable Experience using ratio in some ways comes down to how the user may want minimalism to be represented visually on the launcher. And what’s important is understanding that small visual changes affect overall experience alot more than we’d tend to think. One example being the ease of reading in relation to text size/width/spaceing(from person to person it varies). I think the need for having more customisation and themeing options is a substantial enough need, one that should genuinely be considered as something to be implemented. Because in a sense, we all are often deeply affected by the way in which we see information infront of us. Having tools to tweak the little things just to our liking without having changed the functionality of the launcher would be great.

In relation to draw headings and/or system font:
Ability to edit Text thickness
Ability to edit Text size
Ability to edit Character spacing between text
Ability to edit Line height

In relation to alignment of text:
Ability to chose the alignment of draws to left OR right OR centred

Some other features:
Extend the character limit for draw names
More size options for tiles underdraws.
Choose how big your draws are, by being able to scale them.
Ability to chose how big your tiles are, by being able to scale them
Some people just might like there tiles to be a bit smaller and for their draws to be a bit bigger or vice versa

More lock types;
enable users to lock apps/draws/tree via multiple methods such as pascode, pattern, password, and fingerprint.
(this needs to happen soon it should have been implemented a long time Ago)

In relation to marker colour:
The ability to choose and apply any colour to be the system wide ‘marker’ /highlight colour. that being the one used for highlighting tiles, used as the notification reminder thing next to draws and above apps. What I’m saying is where ever the marker colour yellow is used within the theme of the launcher, we should be able to chose a different colour to switch it out with, meaning system wide anything that would have been yellow, would then be whatever colour you chose for it to be.

Won’t being able to change the accent colour affect the brand?

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Having the original accent colour as a default. Why cant that be a reasonable idea. The brand as an identity is visually recognisable, however adding that personal customisation choice so that users can change the default, doesn’t pertain to a degeneration of branding. It’s simply putting control of a simple visual change in the hands of the user. A user may choose to change the colour once they have begun to explore enough into the workings of the launcher. I’d assume given the chance, most users will continue to use the default brand colour either way, but we should be able to change it to their liking. We shouldn’t have to give it a second thought, the option just needs to be there. I think it’s important to consider that Branding isn’t solely dependent one visual accent. It’s not mickey mouse, customisation isn’t copyright, we aren’t trying to change mickey mouse into mickey dog. Maybe just being able to change the colour of his hat or something. That’s the equivalent.


I believe blloc ratio should be as simple as it is now at present. I chose ratio and love it because it required minimum customisation. Too much customisation will be like the other renowned launcher available out there. I’ve to wait for nearly half a year before blloc team gave me the invitation and ooprtunity to install ratio. The reason i used and will be using blloc ratio because of its minimalist and less customisation needed. The one and only serback for most of the 1st timer is that ratio needed ratio tools to enable certain permission. As long as ratio stay on it course and differs from google or pixel-like launcher , more users will adapt ratio. This is my humble opinion. :clown_face::+1:


I agree with this assessment 100%.

But I am on board with Text customization, but the colors are fine.

This is a MUST


I definitely agree with you! Too much customisation and I will just spend more time digging into them


TQ👍. I just hate to the kind of customisation bcoz i know me myself will be spending more time on it than i’m using my phone for other matter or purposes.