A dedicated subcategory for feature requests/suggestions?

I’ve only been using Ratio for less than a day and I’m already showing it off to people, the launcher is really great and I’m thankful for everyone working on it and to users in this community helping out with such a great project.

I have a few suggestions for some features that aren’t necessarily bugs, just some additions that I think would be great to have and suggestions to improve the launcher in the future. So I was wondering if there was a subcategory dedicated for that purpose (or any other place) where we could share our ideas and potentially vote on other users’ ideas to give the developers a sense of which might be more useful/popular and minimize the chances of having duplicate posts (I would assume that happens already with such an enthusiast community).

That being said, I work in tech and I know how terrible users’ ideas might get (this one might just be another one of those terrible ideas), especially if a bad idea somehow gets popular among users, increasing the pressure to implement it. so I completely understand why a dedicated subcategory might not be the best option.

for the time being, it would be great if someone could direct me to the place where such ideas can be posted as I wouldn’t want to break any rules.

thanks again

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Right now you can comment under this thread if you have any feature suggestion.

I like your idea of having a section or page where we can vote for user-requested features to be implemented.

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The tiles are always at the middle. Can it be changed so that we may move the tiles any where on the screen