3 days review and suggestions

Hey so i have been using the ratio launcher for 3 days now on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and I have to say it this is by far the best launcher I have ever used. I haven’t encountered a single bug, lag or glitch in the beta version.

So when we open social medias the launcher applies monochrome filter on the UI, which is pretty cool imo.
Though when i drag my notification panel down the filter disappears for few seconds and comes back again. Is it just on my device? If not maybe we can improve that. Also can we add another home screen page? If yes then how?

Thank you

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It is not the case for me. Monochrome works even when the notification shade is pulled down.
Can you post a screen record of it?

You cannot add a home screen page.
The middle page is tiles, where all the apps are available, the left pane is root, and the right pane (coming in future) is the tree.

I am using Samsung Galaxy S10 and got the invitation today. I can confirm that the monochrome filter is glitchy. In my case even if I don’t pull down notification panel. It flickers from color mode to monochrome mode after opening for a few seconds.

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