3.2.5 update just out of the oven

Cool update. Tiles with full words in the fast accesses.
Better battery in 3.2.4 so hopefully a slight continuous improvement in this one.

Keep going.


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Installed just now
Google search is added to Root
I love every update from Blloc


How can I upgrade?

open the blloc service and check for update

I have the Z18 there are no updates thats so funny :joy::joy:, not.

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There is an update for Z18 but its not announced for some reason. Its not OTA, you need to download a new updater, link in a different thread. This will bring your Z18 to 3.2.4. Updates for our beloved z18 aren’t widely communicated like Ratio…am starting to feel unloved as of late as the Ratio kids seem to get all the attention…

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Yes, thats the Problem. @hey.arno I updatet to 3.2.4.

Why is that. Z18 should be first on the cue, true?
Is it mediatek core, P60 isn’t it?Any difference about running mediatek, Qualcomm or Exynos?

Yes. Architecture matters I guess

While I certainly agree that the Zero 18 has priority in regards of updates and thus am on your side, I don’t really enjoy being called a “ratio kid” although I suppose it’s out of frustration…

If it matters, I assume Mediatek ones are Ratio friendly.


What if I decline


Just nothing at all.

Ratio will collect data from your system to check it before and after you install Ratio, to improve the system. If you say no, it is perfectly ok


Is there a way to revoke the Data collection?

I’m perfectly fine with it, but what if I change my mind later.

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Certainly, not. Never look for it, but in Ratio settings > General > Permissions & Troubleshoting you will find a vast number of permissions with the chance to Revoke or Grant.

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I’ll do a post on the wish list since an opt out should be mandatory for such things…but first I’ll take a look myself I guess :smiley:

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I cannot see the option to opt-out on the settings. That should be implemented for the next version. :slight_smile:

Did notice till now. In the Root, I’m suffering many issues with NOTES:

tapping to edit is productive 1 out of 20 times. Seems to have issues with the specific area designed to tap (layers issue?)
side panel option work perfect by the way