1 week usage of Blloc Ratio - Mini Suggestions

I have been using this launchers since June 6th on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device with android 9 pie. Small things that I have noticed are mentioned below:

  • Suggestion#1: If its possible, few apps should be pinned just below search bar so that those always stick around at home page. Just like stock android. (Apps such as browser, messages, phone dialer should always be handy)

  • Suggestion # 2: Root page should be made more alive. May be some cards change/appear on daily basis such as weather, news about a certain (user selected) topic or something. I find Root page less productive anything you do there is very intentional.

  • Bug #1: When scrolling down on main page or Root page, notification bar remains transparent which makes it difficult to read time, battery info etc and also makes the app look raw. Notification bar should be made opaque and black (white in sun mode)

  • Bug # 2: Double click locks the screen. Very useful command but accidental screen off happens twice a day. I don’t know how but sometimes when I unintentionally open an app (unintentional means getting bored lets open youtube or such :stuck_out_tongue:) screen turns off. Never happened on previous launchers so I guess its possible to fix this (If touch area of both touch inputs is increased to register it as a double touch this can be prevented)


  • Bug # 3: I have never seen Notification Pill blinking, I cam across it just two days ago that its present in settings. So I guess its a feature I am missing out.

Hi there.
Please post your feature requests and suggestions here:

Also, please provide bug reports under the #ratio:bug-reports category.

This will help the developers have an organized way of reading the suggestions and bug reports.

I was greeted with

I’m not sure why, may be because I’m new here.

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Are you using the ratio lite or pro?

I’m using Ratio Pro

I saw this topic and your reply, went there too and was greeted with the same message.

Same for the Bugs category

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same! please fix to send suggesriins in my other post

I can’t agree with you. If you vanilla android flavor then you could use native browser, why using Ratio!


Thought I’d just restate what I wrote after “Just like stock android”. Its nothing against Ratio so I think its not about ‘why am I using Ratio if I so want the fix apps at the bottom’.

Good day…

I have encountered a touch issue in mobile legends while on this launcher… Hoping you can resolve this issue… This launcher is great…